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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Clear Page Counter Samsung SCX-4650

12/02/2014 04:18:00 PM

Samsung SCX-4650 Reset Software means reprogramming of the printer's firmware by overwriting the firmware permanent memory data, so that refilled cartridges can be used in your printer.
Clear Page Counter SamsungSCX-4650
Clear Page Counter SamsungSCX-4650

Clear Page Counter SamsungSCX-4650 Software

  • Product name: Samsung SCX-4650 Reset Software.
  • Compatible printer: Samsung SCX-4650.
  • Compatible versions: 6f, 12f.
  • Fix Toner Errors :  empty toner, Replace toner, install toner, end of life replace new cart , toner cartridge is not installed, Install the cartridge, toner exhausted, red light blinking, imprinting.

Notes before Fix SamsungSCX-4650 Toner Error

  1. Find out exactly version, serial and crum of Samsung SCX-4650 .
  2. Samsung SCX-4650 Driver Software is installed on computer.
  3. Check the connection between computer and printer to make sure it works well.
  4. Toner chip located over the cartridge is removed or covered by tapes.
  5. Make sure the supplies power works well during soft-ware running process (you should use UPS for printer and computer to prevent them from loosing supplies power).

How to install software to reset page counter SamsungSCX-4650

  1. Connect the printer to the computer and turn it on
  2. Wait until the printer is ready for work
  3. Drag and drop *.hd to usbprns2.exe
  4. The reprogramming process starts automatically
  5. Wait until the printer reprograms (10-20 minute) and restarts
  6. After that the reprogramming process is finished, use tapes to cover toner chip and restart the printer

Why Samsung SCX-4650 needs to clear page counter

- MLT-D117 cartridge is enclosed with a toner chip that was used to calculate toner coverage and to deliver bold or light printout quality depending on printer original printout design.
- Samsung SCX-4650 toner chip contains calculated limitation that was managed by Samsung manufacturer. Following Samsung, if toner coverage is 5%, Samsung SCX-4650 toner chip is delivered 2.500 ? 3.500 pages.
- If toner coverage is higher than 5% -> Toner Page Yields are less than 2.500 ? 3.500 pages. If toner coverage is lower than 5%, Toner Page Yields are 2.500 ? 3.500 pages. That is the reason why bold printouts (high toner coverage) will make printer run out of toner quickly.
- When Samsung SCX-4650 toner chip overload its calculated limitation, printer will be locked inspire of high toner cartridge.

How to fix Samsung SCX-4650 with Toner Error

1.Change new toner cartridge

2. Change new toner chip

3. Reset Samsung SCX-4650 by using software

==>> Reset Samsung SCX-4650 by using software is the best solution to fix Toner Error on Samsung SCX-4650.

Download SamsungSCX-4650 Reset Software

Reset Samsung SCX-4650


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